Health & Safety Policy

Safety, health and well-being of our employees are of utmost importance and it is EVVE’s policy that all levels of management and supervision will regard these as their highest priorities. All levels of supervision are responsible for the prevention of accidents and for protection against damage to health arising from the work environment. Work must not be carried out on unsafe equipment or condition, where the preventive measures are not completed to the satisfaction of the Safety Department and in accordance with the safety standards and the law.
Employees are responsible for ensuring that they work safely and in accordance with the EVVE safety procedures and requirements. EVVE responsibilities are to ensure a healthy, safe and clean workplace and to provide equipment to protect employees to enable them to work in a safe manner.
EVVE seeks the cooperation of all its employees in upholding a high standard of accident prevention. EVVE declares its commitment to:
 Comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and regulations;
 Providing a suitable health and safety work environment through a designated and improved management system;
 Providing necessary resources to achieve a high level of employee morale and reach a target of zero workplace accidents;
 Controlling risks at the workplace through enforcement of regulations;
 Raising awareness among all employees through the training;
 Continuously improving and developing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.